Established in 2007, EMA (Environmental Management Associates) is an environmental management and consulting company located in Skopje, Macedonia. Its establishment is a result of the continuous efforts of several local and international experts in improvement of the environmental conditions in Macedonia and the wider region. Their main idea was to create a network of national and international experts providing a superb expertise, working in the Balkan’s region and wider and to strengthen the absorption capacities in the private consultants sector in the implementation of the law regulations, reaching the EU standards and using the new financial possibilities that EU offers, bilateral donators or other international financial funds.

EMA development is sustained by a small company team and a large network of short term and long term expert which EMA is in cooperation with.

Incorporating international know-how with the company’s local expertise, EMA is uniquely positioned to address and answer the needs of its clients, enabling them to increase the environmental friendly way of working, develop their cooperation network and introduce competitive products.

EMA work is based on detailed business plan, developed by highly professional rated experts. EMA develops long term business relations with small and medium size enterprises, having its concept as a guarantee for the clients for their business performance improvement. Implementation of professional and high quality services is performed in the work with the institutions, as well.

Our constant adoption of knowledge, programs, initiatives, activities and procedures, which are considered as leading edge in working with environmental issues, and are in compliance with the national and the EU legislation and regulation, has produced superior results for our clients. At the same time, we are utilizing known, most effective and proven methodologies.